Should You Add A Testimonial Section?

Did you know that 93% of consumers say that online reviews have an impact on their purchase decision? Yes, you read right. 93%!

We’ve all stopped and had a little scroll when we’ve come across one. We just can’t help it. It’s in our nature to be a little curious, isn’t it?

Whether it’s curiosity or our want to learn more, you can’t deny that testimonials are undoubtedly helpful.

From showing client feedback about services to straight up raving about certain products. They help potential clients and customers really get a feel for what your brand is all about. You know know, it could also be the final push to get them to buy!

Now, if you’re thinking that that’s all well and good but testimonials can get wordy and they won’t fit in with the design of your website, you would be wrong. Testimonials don’t always come in the form of large paragraphs.

Different types of testimonials

When you think of testimonials and reviews, you can often think of places like Trustpilot or Tripadvisor. Now, as helpful as they may be, they might not be what your brand is going for in terms of style.

But don’t fret!

There are different ways of posting reviews and testimonials that don’t have to get too wordy. If that’s what what you’re going for.

– The Quote

It’s short, it’s simple, it’s to the point. With just a single sentence, customers can show their love for your product or service in a way that’s helpful to you.

The addition of a star rating as well? You’ll have customers hooked.

– Social media

Ahh, social media. There’s no way of getting around it anymore. If you want your business to truly thrive, social media is a necessity.

A strong advantage of having social media testimonials, is that a potential customer and click through to see that this is a real person, with real thoughts and opinions.

Not only that, but this social proof can help customers get ideas about how to use/wear your product and can help them imagine your product in their lives.

Handy right?

– Case studies

Lets say that you don’t sell a product, but a service instead. No need to fear! We have you covered as well.

For those businesses in the service based trade, case studies could be the way forward.

It’s easy to get a little more information across with this, so make sure you utilise it! Let the readers know where your client was before, during and after your service. Tell a story with it, run wild!


So now we’ve quickly covered how you can get testimonials and reviews on your website, here comes the next big question. Why?

– They help build trust

Reviews help build trust. It’s as simple as that.

People are growing more and more wary of scams by the day, and they know that scammers are getting more and more creative. It may take some convincing to get a customer to part with their money, especially if they haven’t heard of your business before.

This is where the reviews come in.

Reviews and testimonials let a potential customer know that you are 1. A real business, 2. Have experience and 3. Have benefitted other customers.

– They work like referrals

It’s not uncommon that people will buy a product based on other peoples reviews.

If one customer swears by your product and this love is seen to be genuine, that in itself can be more than enough to convince other people that they to need this product.

This is seen often, especially in the world of Instagram and influencers.

– They can explain the benefits

Lets say that you are selling a domestic cleaning service.

Now, a lot of people are capable of cleaning their own house. Whether it is enjoyable for them or not is a different story.

If someone was to review your business and list all of the benefits, like for example they have more time with the family, they feel more relaxed coming home after a stressful day at work to a clean house and that they are having an overall more pleasant life, this can sell to other potential buyers.

Seeing how your services has benefited someone else can help them visual what their life would be like with your service.

– They can explain how they work

I don’t mean people are leaving instructions per say. That wouldn’t be very exciting now would it? But what I do mean is that people may have found multiple ways of utilising your product, that not even you have thought about.

Having social proof that your product works, and letting people who use your product show how how easy it is, it’s a no brainer.

– They help create emotional connections

This may be a bit of a bitter pill to swallow, but no matter how hard you try, customers will more or less always find it easier to relate to other customers, as opposed to a CEO of a company. That’s just how it is.

This may seem a little irrelevant, but trust me, it’s not.

If a customer can relate to the other customers in your reviews, it can help them relate more to your business as a whole.

This connection that you have just built? That’s what’s going to convince you to choose your brand over another one. More often than not, people want to buy from a company that they can relate to, as opposed to a big faceless organisation.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it.

With all of these benefits, it seems rather obvious to include a review or testimonial section on your website, doesn’t it?

Overall, they build trust, help people to understand your product and service and ultimately, convince them that you are the business to invest their money in. It’s as easy as that!