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Useful Web-Based Apps for Web Developers

May 18, 2015 Web Design
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Generally, there are many available web-based apps to help make web development jobs faster and much more effective. The main app for developers is, of course, code editors, mostly it is a stand-alone application. Here we give you 10 useful web-based apps for web designers view and enjoy. CIRCULUS.SVG CIRCULUS.SVG, an SVG circular menu creator. SVG is supported in IE9+ and all sorts of other contemporary browsers. For IE8-, a non-circular non-SVG fallback is offered by detecting SVG support utilizingRead More

3 Basic WordPress Plugin Development Tutorials

March 9, 2015 Web Design
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WordPress is among the most well-known blogging platform and content management system. An important part of what has made it so successful is its functionality to be extended via plugins to execute any function you wish. Establishing a plugin framework is actually very challenging, but you can find a lot of great tutorials about WordPress plugin development for the novice. Plugins are an incredible way to improve the functionality of your WordPress website to allow the addition of extra features.Read More

9 Free WordPress Review Themes

March 3, 2015 Web Design
WordPress plugin development

WordPress review themes allow the webmaster to transform an ordinary blog site into powerful review site or they could merely include the ability for visitors to rate your article or posts. A well-designed theme can really improve the effectiveness and user experience of your review site whether you are an affiliate internet marketer or just blogging for fun. All of these free review WordPress themes are ideal for you who want to make money from review community website, whatever it’sRead More