What makes good accessibility in web design

November 9, 2020 Web Design

Websites are used by all types of people from all over the world so it is important to make websites accessible and easy to use whoever you are and wherever you are. Can your website be used by everyone? Why limit who can use your website when you can design your website so that it can be used by everyone. Taking time to address needs of people who rely on easily accessible websites means that you won’t lose out onRead More

A brief guide to web typography

November 9, 2020 Web Design

With over 650,000 different fonts at your disposal, picking the perfect typeface for your website may seem overwhelming. However, it can be narrowed down so that the concept is more bitesize. This can be done by learning the basics and understanding a bit more about appropriate typeface usage. The basics Your typefaces and font selection may represent your brand more than the words alone, so it is important to be sure about picking the right typeface and fonts. It mayRead More

Should You Add A Testimonial Section?

July 1, 2020 Digital Marketing

Did you know that 93% of consumers say that online reviews have an impact on their purchase decision? Yes, you read right. 93%! We’ve all stopped and had a little scroll when we’ve come across one. We just can’t help it. It’s in our nature to be a little curious, isn’t it? Whether it’s curiosity or our want to learn more, you can’t deny that testimonials are undoubtedly helpful. From showing client feedback about services to straight up raving aboutRead More

Why You Need A Company Profile Page

October 1, 2019 Digital Marketing
Team's hands together in a circle

Let’s start this off with a little scenario. Two companies are selling exactly the same product, for exactly the same price. The only difference is, one company lets you in on the details about the company itself and the other one is near enough faceless. Who would you choose to buy from? If you chose to buy from the company who puts their information on the front line rather than the company who doesn’t give you a single detail aboutRead More

How To Use Buttons Perfectly

September 27, 2019 Web Design

We all know about the importance of a good call to action, but have you ever thought about the importance of your website buttons? Buttons have the power to get users to carry out an action and the more beautifully designed and compelling that button is, the more people you’ll get carrying out said action. So how can you design your own buttons so you stand out and get those conversions? Read on to find out 5 simple steps toRead More

How To Use Dashes Correctly

March 14, 2018 Graphic Design
Letterpress characters used for typography design

Most people say that “the dash is just a line”, but these people are wrong. Dashes can help identify times, prices, dates, quotes or pauses. This article will explain how you can start using dashes correctly. Ways Of Using Dashes Correctly Hyphen Firstly looking at the hyphen (the default dash?). A hyphen (“-“) is used for linking words and parts of words together. A word may be too long and run onto the next line, so a hyphen is usedRead More

The Best Digital Marketing Tools

March 3, 2018 Digital Marketing
FullStory is a ground breaking digital marketing software

Find our list of the best digital marketing tools we’ve shortlisted for 2018. These tools can help build your web design agency’s resources to offer out to your clients. Best Digital Marketing Tools of 2018 HubSpot HubSpot is a free to use CRM software to offer to your agency’s B2B clients. This tool allows you to help track business pipelines and manage prospects. HubSpot’s academy also offers qualifications much like Google Partners, allowing your agency’s staff to become officially qualifiedRead More

Top 5 Google Fonts For Web Design

February 23, 2018 Web Design
Selecting and downloading fonts for free on Google Fonts

We love Google Fonts, that’s why we’ve made a list of the top 5 free fonts for web design and graphic design that you can use. Top 5 Google Fonts For Web Design That You Can Use For Free Roboto Roboto is a wonderful and robust font that offers up to 12 styles of font variations. This font also offers a condensed version named Roboto Condensed; offering an additional 6 styles of font variations. Open Sans Open Sans is anotherRead More

CSS Framework Libraries For Web Design

February 22, 2018 Web Design

CSS framework libraries are a great tool to use if you’re new to web design — especially if you’re just starting to learn responsive web design. What Is A CSS Framework Library? CSS frameworks are libraries of pre-designed and well-developed CSS styles that help save time building websites. These frameworks generally offer styles for all the basic HTML elements; including buttons, inputs and typography. Most well-developed CSS frameworks also offer responsive grid systems. These allow you to quickly build yourRead More

20 WordPress Advertising Management Plugins

January 28, 2016 Web Design
Adverts Pro Multipurpose WordPress Ad Supervisor

In today’s post, we provide 20 WordPress Advertising Management Plugins for you personally. Should you want to see the complete preview and complete information of these WordPress Advertising Plugins, please go through the website link. Develop you are going to similar to this list. Enjoy. WordPress Corner Peel Plugin   Sam Professional Lite   Sam pro lite may be the simple to use plugin providing you with a versatile logic of showing ads. Woozone Amazon Contextual Guidelines Plugin   Ads Ez PrivateRead More