CSS Framework Libraries For Web Design

CSS framework libraries are a great tool to use if you’re new to web design — especially if you’re just starting to learn responsive web design.

What Is A CSS Framework Library?

CSS frameworks are libraries of pre-designed and well-developed CSS styles that help save time building websites. These frameworks generally offer styles for all the basic HTML elements; including buttons, inputs and typography.

Most well-developed CSS frameworks also offer responsive grid systems. These allow you to quickly build your website to become optimised across all devices; including mobiles and tablets. These well-developed libraries will also ensure to not only be optimised across devices but all browsers too; saving you even more time when building websites.

CSS Frameworks Libraries To Use


Example of CSS framework libraries, including a screenshot of Twitter Bootstrap's button styles

Example of Twitter Bootstrap’s button styles.

Bootstrap is an open-source CSS framework originally developed by a designer and developer at Twitter that’s now one of the most popular CSS frameworks used throughout web design. Whilst that may sound good — it’s highly likely that other websites will look slightly similar to yours when using this framework. However, Bootstrap is very easy to use and great for beginners starting to learn web design.


Example of RocketCSSs framework, offering playful button element styles

Example of RocketCSSs framework, offering playful button element styles.

RocketCSS is another open source CSS framework that is built using LESS (another CSS library that helps build websites faster). It’s a great alternative to use as it’s not as mainstream as other CSS frameworks — making your websites feel more bespoke than if using other CSS libraries.

This library offers beautiful and playful styles for basic HTML elements, as well as a responsive grid system. It also offers alternative styling for typography and image elements, unlike any other CSS framework we’ve seen. Therefore, whilst it may be in v1.0 of development; it’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

Semantic UI

Example of Semantic UIs CSS framework, offering modern & minimal styles

Example of Semantic UIs CSS framework, offering modern & minimal styles.

Semantic is an easy-to-use CSS framework that offers a ton of modern and minimal styles for when building your website. Although whilst it may offer lots of styles, there’s probably a few that you’ll never end up using. Therefore, we recommend (with any CSS framework) that you strip out the elements that you won’t be using — making your website’s loading time faster. Nonetheless, this is still a beautiful CSS framework to use.

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