Why You Need A Company Profile Page

Let’s start this off with a little scenario. Two companies are selling exactly the same product, for exactly the same price. The only difference is, one company lets you in on the details about the company itself and the other one is near enough faceless. Who would you choose to buy from?

If you chose to buy from the company who puts their information on the front line rather than the company who doesn’t give you a single detail about who they are or what they are about, you’re like the rest of us.

This is exactly the reason why a ‘Company Profile’ or ‘Meet the Team’ page is oh-so-important. If you already have a physical shop where you get contact with your customers, it may not seem as big of a deal to you. But why miss out on those few extra customers for the sake of one simple page?

If you’re still not convinced, keep reading for 3 big reasons you should be including one of these pages on your website.

Reasons you need a company profile page

1. It increases reliability

Especially if your website is your primary marketing platform, not having an ‘About Us’ section of some sorts can be extremely detrimental to your business. Instead of inviting customers in (which is what your website should be designed for) not having information about the company easily accessible could be sending them away to other competitors.

Customers not only care about the product, but they also want to make sure that they are choosing a reliable and reputable seller. If your website fails to convince them of your credibility, then you could be losing money without even realising.

By giving customers even simple information such as your knowledge, experience and expertise, you’re helping customers stay on your website and consider your products or services.

Abbey Masterbatch does this wonderfully by giving information on their beginnings and also their awards.

2. It shows off your talented team

What better way to show off your team with a page specifically for them? People like putting a face to a name, and it not only makes the business seem more credible, but it builds rapport and gives the business a more human touch.

It’s an effective way to get people to trust you and your business, which is what you want.

3. It makes you memorable

It’s hard to keep up with your friends’ work gossip about people you haven’t met, isn’t it? But what about the gossip in their friend group, with people you’ve met once or twice? Easier right?

It’s easy for a name and a brand to get lost in the sea of brands that exist out there, but it’s a lot harder to forget a face. This is where the Company profile page comes in.

Yes, you’re showing off your skills and attributes with this page, but by putting a face to a name, you’re helping give your business a personality to help the growth of your brand.

It seems obvious that every website needs a Company Profile page of some sort, so why not try it for the sake of one page?