3 Basic WordPress Plugin Development Tutorials

WordPress is among the most well-known blogging platform and content management system. An important part of what has made it so successful is its functionality to be extended via plugins to execute any function you wish. Establishing a plugin framework is actually very challenging, but you can find a lot of great tutorials about WordPress plugin development for the novice.

Plugins are an incredible way to improve the functionality of your WordPress website to allow the addition of extra features. Creating a plugin of your own is actually perhaps not that complicated. Copy and pasting useful code and further features into your theme’s functions.php file is great, but these changes are lost once you change your active theme. Therefore, using a plugin is a safer method if you want to put into action to cross-theme functionality.

In this article, we have put together some of the best and easy WordPress plugin development tutorials that will help you to create your very own plugin from scratch.

1. Create a custom WordPress plugin from scratch

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This tutorial will explain the implementation of a WordPress plugin from scratch. The plugin will connect with an exterior OSCommerce database and display random products on your own WordPress site.

2. Getting to grips with WordPress plugin development

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This short article will explain how to produce a plugin, whilst also glancing at some intermediate/advanced ideas. This guide will create a simple plugin to integrate WordPress with Twitter’s Open Graph tags and also generate a plugin’s settings page.

3. Beginner’s guide to WordPress plugin development

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This tutorial will go through the basic measures needed to create an easy WordPress plugin. The purpose of this tutorial’s plugin will produce excerpts that are dynamic on the amount passed into our an input as an admin.