Useful Web-Based Apps for Web Developers

Generally, there are many available web-based apps to help make web development jobs faster and much more effective. The main app for developers is, of course, code editors, mostly it is a stand-alone application. Here we give you 10 useful web-based apps for web designers view and enjoy.



CIRCULUS.SVG, an SVG circular menu creator. SVG is supported in IE9+ and all sorts of other contemporary browsers. For IE8-, a non-circular non-SVG fallback is offered by detecting SVG support utilizing JS or simply making use of conditional remarks.


Git Goodies

Preview of Git Goodies
Git Goodies is an accumulation shortcuts for the Git commands you use every day. gg can help you work with git more efficiently, helping you save keystrokes for the many prized projects.


Pie Menu Generator

Preview of Pie Menu Generator
A super simple Pie Menu Generator.


T3 JavaScript Framework

Preview of T3 JavaScript framework
T3 JavaScript Framework is a minimalist JavaScript framework that delivers core structure to code. . A T3 application is managed by the applying object, whose main task is always to manage modules, services, and habits.



Preview of Stickshift
Stickshift – A clean & modern SQL information software.


CSS Ruler

Preview of CSS Rulers
CSS Ruler is a handy web-based device for exploring CSS lengths.



Preview of SVGOMG
SVGOMG is a web-based software for optimizing and configuring SVGO.


HTML Arrows

Preview of HTML Arrows
HTML Arrows is a neat and colourful place for all HTML expression codes.


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